RuralWaves® - Support Is Only A Phone Call Away!

 At RuralWaves® we are always here to help, should your internet connection fail, there are a number of steps to take to restore your connection. Over 90% of trouble calls can be solved by taking the following actions.

Please Take The Following Steps Prior To Calling:
            1. Disconnect Power To The RuralWaves Equipment – (wait 15 seconds and restore power)
            2. Repeat Step 1 For Your Router – (if you have one)
            3. Reboot Your Computer

If you have reinstalled your computers operating system, you may need to reload the network settings.

– This information can be found on your service agreement form in the top right corner.
– If you no longer have this form, call (712) 210-0356 for assistance.

Setup examples for various mail clients can be found at:


Replace example settings with settings below:
Username – Full Email Address – (ie.
Password – 8-16 Characters With Uppercase And Lowercase Letters, Symbols And Numbers
Incoming Server Port 110 –
Outgoing Server Port 2525 or 587 –
Both Servers Require Username/Password Authentication
*No SSL Required


If you have any questions, please call 712-210-0356. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction!

RuralWaves® Wireless Internet is owned by Rural Waves, LLC.