About RuralWaves® - General Information

RuralWaves® is a high-speed, wireless internet service that works without telephone lines and eliminates the need for a second phone line. This service provides continuous access to the internet in your home, business or farm for educational, economic and entertainment purposes.

RuralWaves® has been providing wireless internet service to homes, farms, and business owners in Galva, Holstein, Schaller, Early, Correctionville, Washta, Pierson, Battle Creek and Anthon since May of 2003. 

We currently provide service to hundreds of business and residential customers all across Northwest Iowa!

Advantages Of Wireless Internet Service Include:

– Faster Connections
– Saves You Money – (no need for second telephone lines)
– Instant Emails – (no busy signals when you call home or the office)
– Enjoy Continuous Connections 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

How Do I Know If I Can Participate?

Wireless internet service is based on several factors, including the distance from your home or business to our transmission equipment in Galva, Holstein, Schaller, Early, Correctionville, WashtaBattle Creek and Anthon. In general, our service area encompasses a ten-mile radius of our transmission equipment. Our technician will come to your home or business and conduct a FREE site test to determine if you can receive a signal.

What Does RuralWaves® Cost?

There is a one-time, basic installation fee of $75.00 plus current tax rate.

Typical monthly service is as follows:

– Residential Service: $39.99
Business Service: $49.99         

How Do I Pay?

The first month is prorated to the 5th of the next month and must be paid at or before installation together with all installation charges. Subsequent internet service payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 5th day of each month and credited to your account accordingly. It’s that easy!

Do I Have To Sign a Contract?


Can RuralWaves® Handle Multiple Computers?

Yes, the RuralWaves® system is designed to handle one or more computers.  Some systems may require additional set-up time or equipment, at customer’s expense.

Does Weather Affect My Signal?

In most cases, our signal is not prone to weather related signal losses. Security equipment is in place to minimize signal problems and prevent interference.

Who Do I Call?

If you have any questions, please call 712-210-0356.

Call TODAY to have RuralWaves® Wireless Internet service installed in your home or business. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction!

RuralWaves® Wireless Internet is owned by Rural Waves, LLC.